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Easily coordinate and optimise your exams with Engage school management system (SMS), creating a smooth and stress-free experience for teachers and students alike.

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Meet Engage, an advanced school exam management software that facilitates a smooth workflow by handling everything from scheduling and managing question banks to grading and analysing results. This intuitive platform guarantees a seamless experience for both teachers and students, fostering efficiency and precision in assessment processes. Beyond simplifying exam logistics, Engage empowers educators with insightful data on performance trends, enabling informed decision-making to elevate the overall learning journey.

How does it work?

Engage school management information system (MIS) simplifies the entire examination process with its diverse features. It allows direct import of exam base data from boards, enabling an easy setup. Users can effortlessly create and manage candidate lists, generate entry submission files and import result data directly into the system. Engage enables the creation of exam rooms and seat allocations, as well as quick printing of essential documents such as candidate entry lists, exam timetables, results, fees and various reports.


Engage excels in producing Excel Broadsheet data for swift and comprehensive overall grade analysis, empowering educators with valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

What are the benefits of Engage school exam management software for schools?

Efficient setup

Engage school management system simplifies the setup process by seamlessly importing exam base data from exam boards. This ensures accuracy and expedites preparations for upcoming examinations, saving administrators valuable time and effort.

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Centralised candidate handling

With Engage, managing exam participants becomes effortless as the software allows for the easy creation and maintenance of candidate lists. This centralised approach streamlines the organisation of exam attendees, reducing administrative complexities.

Seamless communication

Engage facilitates smooth communication with exam boards by generating entry submissions files, enabling efficient exchange of essential information. This feature ensures that communication processes are streamlined, enhancing overall productivity and assisting school administrators.

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Swift result integration

By supporting direct result data imports, Engage enables quick and error-free recording of student performance. This functionality not only saves administrative time but also ensures accuracy in result management, benefiting both educators and pupils.

Optimised logistics

Engage aids in creating well-organised exam room and seat allocations, optimising logistical aspects of the examination process. This feature ensures that exams are conducted smoothly, providing a conducive exam environment for both administrators and students.

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Efficient document generation

Engage expedites document generation, including candidate entry lists, exam timetables, results, fees and various reports. This enhances administrative efficiency by providing quick access to essential information required for exam management.

Informed decision-making

Engage’s rapid production of Excel Broadsheet data offers valuable insights for school leaders, teachers and school administrators, supporting informed and data-driven decision-making. This feature empowers educators to analyse student performance trends comprehensively, enabling targeted interventions.

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Wealth of features

Engage provides a comprehensive set of features, including the seamless import of exam base data, effortless candidate list management, streamlined communication with exam boards, direct result data import, optimised exam room and seat allocation, efficient document printing and Excel Broadsheet for grade analysis.

User-friendly interface

Engage offers a user-friendly platform that simplifies exam management tasks for administrators, ensuring smooth operations throughout the examination process.

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Reliable IT support

Engage ensures reliable global IT support is available to assist users with any technical issues or queries they may encounter while using the software, ensuring schools have assistance and guidance in utilising the software effectively. Engage users are also assigned a dedicated customer success manager (CSM) to help maximise their use of the system and have a positive impact on your overall experience

Engage’s school exam management software offers a comprehensive solution for educational institutions to streamline the entire examination process. From efficient setup and centralised candidate handling to seamless communication with exam boards and swift result integration, Engage empowers educators to focus on facilitating successful examinations and supporting student success..

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