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Easily personalise and send bulk emails to students, parents, or staff, ensuring efficient and tailored communication with Engage's school mail merge software.

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With Engage mail merge software suitable for schools, you can effortlessly customise and dispatch bulk emails, providing an effective and time-efficient solution for managing communications within your educational institution. By tailoring your messages, you can ensure that information is not only disseminated promptly but also reaches its intended audience.  

Whether it’s important announcements, event invitations, or routine updates, you can deliver messages with precision, fostering a more engaged and well-informed academic environment.

How does it work?

Engage school management system (SMS) simplifies communication processes by allowing users to effortlessly send Word templates to individual recipients, groups, or the entire parent or staff body via email or printing. The software offers a versatile toolkit for creating various communication materials such as letter templates, address labels, pupil name badges and more! With the option to send quick emails, time-sensitive information can be sent promptly.  


Engage school management information system (MIS) also automates the organisation of communication records by storing all letters and emails against respective pupil, contact and staff records. This ensures a systematic and easily accessible archive of communications, facilitating efficient tracking and management of correspondence within the school.

What are the benefits of Engage school mail merge software for schools?

Effortless personalisation

Engage facilitates easy customisation of communication materials, allowing school leaders, school administrators and teachers to tailor emails, Word templates and more with minimal effort, fostering personalised interactions that resonate with recipients.

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Bulk communication

Streamline communication by sending bulk emails to individuals or groups, saving time and ensuring efficient outreach to the entire school community simultaneously, maximising the reach and impact of important messages.

Time efficiency

Enhance time efficiency with quick email functionalities, enabling prompt communication of time-sensitive information or announcements, fostering a more responsive environment that keeps pace with the dynamic needs of the school community.

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Record automation

Automate record-keeping by storing all correspondence against relevant records, ensuring a systematic and easily accessible archive, simplifying tracking and management while maintaining data integrity and organisation.

Tailored communication

Customise messages to meet the unique needs of students, parents and staff, ensuring efficient and meaningful communication that resonates with each recipient, fostering stronger connections and understanding within the school community.

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Versatile templates

Create diverse communication materials effortlessly with Engage’s versatile templates, catering to various communication needs within the school environment, ensuring consistency and professionalism in all correspondence.

Improved engagement

Foster parent engagement and well-informed communities by delivering precise and relevant messages, driving stronger school-parent engagement, and creating a more cohesive and involved school community.

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User-friendly interface

With an intuitive design, Engage’s interface ensures accessibility and ease of use for all users, regardless of technical expertise, enhancing efficiency in communication processes and empowering users to leverage the software’s full potential.

All kinds of features

Engage offers robust email templates and versatile email types to meet different communication requirements, providing consistency and professionalism to messages, and ensuring effective communication strategies tailored to the specific needs of the school community.

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Reliable IT support

Engage from Education Horizons provides knowledgeable IT support, ensuring users have assistance in navigating the software and addressing any technical issues that may arise, guaranteeing smooth operations and maximising the benefits of the software for all users.

Engage’s school mail merge software offers a comprehensive solution for schools, facilitating personalised, efficient and engaging communication across the whole school community. With its user-friendly interface, automated features and comprehensive IT support availability, Engage contributes to a more connected and informed academic community.

With customisable features, a user-friendly interface and IT support available, Engage empowers educators to effectively manage attendance, promote student engagement and maintain a safe and supportive learning environment.

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