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Effortlessly communicate with your school, track attendance, access grades and collaborate with ease with Engage school management software with sms capabilities.

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With Engage school SMS system software, education professionals can effortlessly connect with your school community, efficiently track attendance, access grades, and foster collaboration between students, parents, and educators. This creates a more responsive and cohesive education environment for the whole school community

How does it work?

Engage school management system (SMS) offers a range of communication features to enhance school connectivity, including quick SMS, bulk SMS, or mail merge SMS. One standout feature is the ability to automatically send SMS notifications to parents of absent pupils, fostering prompt and efficient communication.

What are the benefits of Engage school SMS system software for schools?

Efficient communication

Engage school management information system (MIS) facilitates swift and effective communication amongst educators, students and parents, ensuring important information reaches the intended recipients promptly, thereby enhancing overall communication within the school community.

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Grades accessibility

Users can effortlessly access grades through the platform, fostering transparency in the educational process. This accessibility enhances communication, providing a comprehensive view of academic performance and enabling timely interventions and support where needed.

Record management

Engage excels in efficient record management, automatically storing all SMS records and associating them with corresponding pupil, contact and staff records. This meticulous record-keeping ensures a comprehensive and organised archive, facilitating easy retrieval and reference for school leaders, administrators, teachers and other stakeholders.

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Enhanced parental involvement

Engage actively promotes parental involvement in a child’s education by providing real-time updates on attendance and grades, empowering parents to stay informed about their child’s academic journey.

Multiple SMS options

With options to send Quick SMS, Bulk SMS or Mail Merge SMS, Engage ensures that educators, administrators and staff can choose the most suitable messaging method based on their communication needs, allowing for immediate, efficient and personalised communication.

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Automatic SMS notifications to parents of absent pupils

Streamlining attendance communication, Engage automatically sends SMS notifications to parents when their child is absent, promoting timely and informed communication between the school and parents about attendance status.

Easier administrative tasks

Engage simplifies administrative tasks by providing tools for efficient communication, record-keeping, and parental involvement, thereby saving time and resources for school administrators and staff.

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Customisable communication

With options for personalised and targeted messaging through features like mail merge SMS, Engage allows for tailored communication that meets the specific needs of educators, students and parents. Schools can easily set up templates to save time with regular communications.

Reliable IT support available

Engage ensures that users have access to global IT support, providing assistance and guidance to resolve any technical issues or queries that may arise while using the platform.Schools also have the added benefit of a customer success manager (CSM) that aids the school in maximising their use of the many features Engage offers.

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Engage’s school SMS system software offers a comprehensive solution for efficient communication, record management and parental involvement in education. With features like automatic SMS notifications, grades accessibility and customisable communication options, Engage streamlines administrative tasks and promotes transparency and engagement within the school community.

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