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Engage school management system (SMS) incorporates a staff database into the software solution designed to optimise the management of personnel information within schools. This user-friendly software not only streamlines administrative tasks but also cultivates a more productive environment amongst staff members.

How does it work?

Engage simplifies staff management by serving as a versatile HR database. Users can effortlessly filter and categorise staff, record and report on absences, produce a centralised register quickly, and attach essential documents like contracts, working with children checks, first aid certificates and much more. The software also allows logging of personal development information, streamlining administrative processes for efficient staff data management within educational institutions.

Additionally, Engage school management system (SMS) facilitates the management, reporting and printing of reviews and meetings, providing a structured and organised platform for collaboration among educators, parents, carers and support staff.

What are the benefits of Engage school staff database software for schools?

Efficient staff data management

Engage serves as a cornerstone for schools looking to streamline their staff data management. Acting as a robust HR database, it consolidates staff information into one central location, offering a comprehensive solution for efficient organisation and accessibility.

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User-friendly filtering

With a focus on user experience, Engage SMIS provides an intuitive interface that simplifies the process of filtering and categorising staff based on various criteria. This user-friendly feature enables quick and targeted access to specific information as needed.

Accurate absence tracking

Engage facilitates precise recording and reporting of staff absences and leaves. This capability not only ensures accurate attendance tracking but also contributes to effective workforce management, allowing schools to respond proactively to staffing needs.

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Swift centralised register production

Schools using Engage benefit from the software’s ability to rapidly produce a centralised register. This feature ensures that records of staff members are always up-to-date and accurate, supporting the school in maintaining a reliable overview of its workforce.

Document management

Engage school staff database software goes beyond data management by providing a comprehensive document management system. Users can easily attach and store important documents such as contracts, reference letters, working with children checks, first aid certificates and much more, enhancing the accessibility and security of essential information.

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Holistic personal development tracking

Engage contributes to the growth and development of staff with the logging of personal development information. This feature provides educational institutions with a comprehensive overview of staff members’ professional growth, supporting ongoing initiatives for professional development.

Enhanced administrative efficiency

By offering a suite of features for staff data management, reporting, and document storage, Engage management information system (MIS) significantly streamlines processes, reduces manual workload, and contributes to a more organised and responsive administrative framework.

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HR database management

Engage’s HR database management feature provides independent schools with a central hub for all staff-related information. This comprehensive database ensures seamless organisation and accessibility of staff data.

User-friendly filters

Users can effortlessly filter and categorise staff based on different criteria, streamlining access to specific information. This feature promotes ease of use, saving time and effort in navigating and managing the extensive data within the school employee information system.

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IT support available

Engage offers comprehensive IT support to ensure smooth implementation, operation, and troubleshooting for users, enhancing the overall experience and reliability of the software. All Engage customers are assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to manage their account and offer assistance in getting the most from the system

Engage’s school staff database software offers a comprehensive solution for educational institutions seeking to streamline their staff management processes. From efficient data management and user-friendly interfaces to accurate absence tracking and document management, Engage enhances administrative efficiency while supporting staff development initiatives.

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