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Individualise learning experiences, track progress and create a supportive environment tailored to the unique needs of each student with Engage special education needs software.

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Engage management information system (MIS) provides educators with a robust set of tools to craft customised learning experiences for students with diverse needs. From personalised lesson plans to progress monitoring and adaptive resources, Engage is dedicated to ensuring that each client or resident receives tailored support for academic success. More than just a tool, Engage represents a commitment to fostering inclusivity and unlocking the full potential of every learner within the special education community.

How does it work?

Engage special education needs software operates seamlessly to streamline the management of diverse student profiles. With its user-friendly interface, educators can efficiently manage the SEN, Gifted and Talented Register, ILP’s or EHCP’s ensuring a comprehensive overview of each student’s unique requirements. The software allows for the systematic recording of provisions and needs analysis, enabling educators and carers to track and address individual learning needs effectively.

Additionally, Engage school management system (SMS) facilitates the management, reporting and printing of reviews and meetings, providing a structured and organised platform for collaboration among educators, parents, carers and support staff.

What are the benefits of Engage special education needs software for schools?

Holistic student profile management

Engage simplifies the organisation of student information, ensuring that educators can easily access crucial details about each student’s distinct needs. This comprehensive overview aids in crafting personalised support strategies.

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Tailored support systems

Engage facilitates a systematic approach to understanding and addressing students’ requirements, fostering a personalised learning experience that aligns with individual goals. This tailored support enhances student engagement and progress.

Efficient collaboration

Engage streamlines the management, reporting and documentation of reviews and meetings, promoting transparent communication and informed decision-making among educators, parents, carers and support staff. This fosters a collaborative environment focused on student success.

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Enhanced stakeholder communication

Serving as a centralised platform, Engage improves communication channels among educators, parents, carers and support staff, ensuring everyone involved is well-informed and engaged in educational decisions. This fosters a supportive community around each student and their support system.

Individualised teaching strategies

By offering a comprehensive overview of student needs and progress, Engage empowers special needs teachers & educators to tailor their teaching strategies effectively, creating a more personalised educational experience. This leads to improved learning outcomes for students and allows teachers to customise their plans for each pupil.

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Time-efficient administration

With its user-friendly interface, Engage simplifies administrative tasks, saving educators valuable time and allowing them to focus on providing quality support to students. This efficient workflow enhances productivity in educational institutions.

Data-informed decision making

Engage’s reporting features provide valuable insights, enabling educators and administrators to make informed decisions based on data, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of support strategies. This ensures targeted interventions for student success.

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Organised documentation

The Engage software aids in maintaining accurate and organised documentation, contributing to compliance with regulations and standards while ensuring a robust and accountable educational environment. This ensures transparency and accountability in educational practices.

Recognition of unique potential

Engage acknowledges the importance of addressing the unique needs of Gifted and Talented students, ensuring their potential is identified, nurtured and maximised within the educational framework. This inclusive approach fosters a supportive environment for all students.

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IT support available

Engage offers comprehensive IT support to ensure smooth implementation and usage of the software, providing assistance to educators and administrators as they navigate the platform’s features and functionalities. Each customer is allocated a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to oversee the account and offer assistance in maximising your usage of the system

Aurora Group

Hear from one of our special needs education and care customers, Aurora Group who adopted Engage MIS for their schools, colleges and residential homes to unify data, empower positive student outcomes, centralise reporting and customise the system to fit their unique needs. Discover more in their case study HERE

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Engage special education needs software offers a multifaceted approach to student support, ranging from personalised teaching strategies to efficient administrative tools. By fostering collaboration, communication and data-driven decision-making, Engage empowers educators to create inclusive learning environments tailored to meet the diverse needs of every student.

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