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Engage student assessment software is a revolutionary tool that empowers educators to create personalised assessments for every student. With a user-friendly interface and advanced features, Engage allows teachers to assess understanding, monitor progress and adjust instruction in real-time. Its powerful analytics offer valuable insights, enabling educators to make data-driven decisions for improved student performance.

How does it work?

Engage school management information system (SMIS) simplifies the assessment process by enabling educators to create marksheets for academic grades and comments. It automatically produces academic reports that can easily be shared with parents via the parent portal without the need for printing. The software accommodates multiple reporting periods, allowing a nuanced view of student progress.

Educators can access previous term marksheets and reports, tracking student growth. Engage also facilitates comprehensive feedback with overall comments from form tutors, head teachers and pastoral teams.

What are the benefits of Engage student assessment software for schools?

Efficient academic record keeping

Engage management information system (MIS) simplifies academic record-keeping by offering a user-friendly platform for educators to create Marksheets. This feature provides a structured and efficient way to record academic grades and insightful comments tailored to individual students, streamlining the grading and feedback process.

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Instant parental communication

Engage automates the production of full Academic Reports, eliminating the need for traditional printing by instantly publishing these reports to parents. This feature enhances communication with parents by providing them with timely updates on their child’s academic progress.

Flexibility in reporting periods

One of Engage’s standout features is its adaptability to cater to diverse educational schedules. Educators have the freedom to create as many Reporting Periods as needed, providing unparalleled flexibility in assessment scheduling to accommodate various curriculum structures and teaching methodologies.

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Comprehensive progress tracking

Engage facilitates comprehensive progress tracking by allowing educators to easily access and review previous term Marksheets and reports. This feature enables a holistic understanding of students’ academic journeys, empowering educators to identify trends, recognise improvements and address challenges promptly.

Data-driven decision making

Engage empowers educators to make informed decisions through data analysis. The system facilitates the production of class and cohort grade reports, providing valuable insights for instructional planning and academic interventions based on historical performance data.

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Organised marksheets

With Engage, educators can create Marksheets in a structured and systematic manner, ensuring that academic assessments are organised and easily accessible. This feature streamlines the grading and feedback process, enhancing efficiency in academic record-keeping.

Automated academic reports

Engage’s automation capabilities extend to producing full Academic Reports for parents, eliminating the need for manual printing. This feature ensures timely and accurate communication with parents, enhancing their involvement in their child’s academic journey.

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Previous term records access

Educators using Engage can easily access and review Marksheets and reports from previous terms. This feature facilitates comprehensive progress tracking, enabling educators to understand students’ academic journeys over time and make informed decisions based on historical performance data.

Holistic feedback mechanism

Engage supports a holistic feedback mechanism by allowing the entry of overall comments from various stakeholders, including Form Tutors, Head Teachers and Pastoral & Wellbeing teams. This feature ensures a comprehensive understanding of each student’s performance, taking into account not just academic achievements but also broader aspects of their development.

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IT support available

Engage ensures that schools have access to reliable IT support, providing assistance in navigating the software’s features and resolving any technical issues that may arise, thereby ensuring smooth implementation and usage. Engage customers are also assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to assist with managing their account and offer help in maximising the features of the system.

Engage student assessment software offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline academic record-keeping, enhance communication with parents and facilitate data-driven decision-making for educators. With its user-friendly interface, flexibility in reporting periods and robust progress tracking capabilities, Engage fosters a supportive and dynamic learning environment.

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