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Effortlessly manage, track and collect fees, ensuring financial transparency with Engage student fee management software.

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Engage student fee management software is an innovative solution designed to simplify and enhance the financial aspects of schools. With this powerful software for managing student fees in schools, you can effortlessly manage, track and collect student fees, streamlining the entire process. Get the benefits of improved financial transparency and efficiency, as well as access to insightful reports for better decision-making.

How does it work?

Engage school management system (SMS) offers a comprehensive solution for educational institutions. With full sales ledger capability, customisable charges (fees, deposits, insurances), and deposit management functionality, it ensures efficient financial tracking. Built-in direct debit functions simplify secure payments. The software facilitates communication by allowing email invoices to be sent to parents and integrating with the parent portal, enabling easy access to account details.

What are the benefits of Engage student fee management software for schools?

Efficient financial tracking

Engage school management information system (MIS)  offers a robust sales ledger capability, ensuring meticulous tracking and recording of all financial transactions within educational institutions. This feature provides school bursars, school administrators, school leaders and school finance teams with a comprehensive overview of financial activities, facilitating accurate reporting and analysis for effective decision-making.

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Flexibility and customisation

With customisable charges, Engage empowers administrators to tailor fees, deposits, insurances and ad-hoc payments according to the unique financial needs of the institution. This adaptability ensures seamless integration into diverse financial structures, providing a tailored solution for each educational setting.

Streamlined deposit management

Engage  streamlines deposit management, offering a more efficient and organised approach. This saves time and enhances financial efficiency, allowing schools to focus on core educational objectives.

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Stripe integration

Engage from Education Horizons has partnered with Stripe, a leading payment platform for businesses, to provide simpler and faster online payment processing for schools, ushering in a new era of streamlined school payments.This exciting development will empower your school to streamline payment processes, improve the parent experience and boost overall efficiency, all through the power of Engage. For a comprehensive understanding of the benefits this integration brings to Engage, schools, and parents, you can read more in our blog HERE.

Enhanced communication & parent engagement

Engage enables administrators to send invoices directly to parents, fostering better communication channels and enhancing transparency in the fee management process.With seamless integration with the parent portal, Engage facilitates parental access to view their account details, fostering greater engagement in their child’s education.

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Full sales ledger capability

Engage boasts a comprehensive full sales ledger capability, enabling schools to maintain detailed records of all financial transactions, ensuring accuracy and transparency in tracking various income streams and expenses.

Comprehensive IT support

Engage from Education Horizons comes with comprehensive IT support, ensuring smooth implementation and ongoing assistance for schools in utilising the platform to its full potential.

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Engage student fee management software offers a comprehensive solution for educational institutions to efficiently manage their financial processes. From robust financial tracking to customisable features tailored to specific needs, Engage streamlines deposit management and automates payment processes, enhancing communication channels with parents.

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