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Imagine teachers, school leaders, administrators, parents, and students all working together in one seamless system. At the heart of Zunia’s robust ecosystem is its unique community data model, designed to serve as the single source of truth that is used to capture the flow of data across all school operations.


Each student, staff member, parent, and wider community member has a single core record at the heart of Zunia – with a persistent single user ID for life and full mapping of their relationships within the school community. All modules and workflows in Zunia draw on and update this record – delivering a true single source of truth. Each record is created automatically when a person first interacts with the school and stays with them for life as they change their roles in the school from waiting list to student, alumni, parent and even staff member..

How does it work?

Zunia’s community data model fixes the common problem of fragmented information by consolidating personal and family details, health and medical information, classes, timetables, learning progress, attendance, and wellbeing data into one cohesive system.


For example, when marking attendance, teachers no longer need to manually collate absence notifications; instead, the absences are directly added to the roll. This automated data integration not only saves time but also enhances the accuracy and efficiency of school operations.


Furthermore, Zunia’s automated fees, billing, invoicing, and payment capabilities handle complex family payment arrangements effortlessly, thanks to its comprehensive relationship mapping. By combining this unique data model with integrated learning and wellbeing data and an API-first design, Zunia provides schools with a powerful, next-generation software platform.

Benefits of Zunia’s Community Data Model

Centralised Information Hub

Centralised Information Hub

Zunia’s community data model creates a single source of truth, integrating personal, academic, and administrative details, making it easier for all stakeholders to access and manage essential information.

Efficient Relationship Mapping

By mapping relationships within the school community, Zunia ensures that every student, staff member, parent, and community member is interconnected, fostering a cohesive and supportive environment where critical information is shared as required.

Efficient Relationship Mapping
Comprehensive Student Records

Comprehensive Student Records

Each student’s record is created upon their initial contact with the school and maintained for life, providing a continuous and comprehensive view of their whole school journey, including personal details, health information, classes, and more.

Enhanced Administrative Efficiency

Zunia’s automated operations such as admissions, enrolments, timetabling, attendance tracking, academic reporting and payments, all draw on the Community Data model as a single source of truth. This significantly reduces administrative workload and improves operational efficiency.

Enhanced Administrative Efficiency
Seamless Attendance Management

Seamless Attendance Management

With Zunia’s community data model, teachers and administrators can access all attendance data for a student or classroom. This enables a comprehensive view of attendance patterns and potential issues.

Integrated Learning and Wellbeing Data

The integration of learning progress, wellbeing data, and personalised learning plans within the individual student’s profile allows teachers to have a holistic view of each student’s development, enhancing educational outcomes.

Integrated Learning and Wellbeing Data
Centralised Financial Data

Centralised Financial Data

The centralised community data model for financial data ensures consistency in financial records across students. This facilitates efficient tracking and management of complex billing arrangements, giving parents peace of mind.

Academic Reporting

The platform supports efficient academic reporting, enabling teachers to capture grades and observations that flow seamlessly into reports, keeping parents and students updated on learning progress.

Academic Reporting
Flexible Data Integration

Flexible Data Integration

Zunia’s API-first integration model allows for seamless communication with third-party software, ensuring that the core records remain the heartbeat of the school while providing flexibility in data capture and analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do schools need a community data model?

Schools are complex communities – managing learning, wellbeing, compliance and finances for young people and their families based on a deep duty of care. To manage this schools need excellent data capture and visibility. This means one record for every student, staff member, parents and wider community member for life, that maps their relationships within the school community and connects every module and workflow.

What is Zunia's Community Data Model?

Zunia’s Community Data Model is a unique system that centralises and automates the management of all student, staff, parent, and community member information within a school. It serves as the single source of truth, ensuring seamless operations and comprehensive record-keeping through a core record for every person, a single user-id for life, full relationship mapping and deep integration to every workflow within Zunia and through software integrated into the Zunia eco-system..

How does Zunia create and maintain records?

Records are created when an individual first comes into contact with the school, such as through an enquiry or admission. These records, which include personal, family, academic, and health information, are maintained for life, providing a continuous and complete profile.

How does the Community Data Model help with attendance tracking?

Zunia’s community data model makes attendance tracking an easier process for teachers and administrators by storing all attendance information in a single data source for easy reference and powering automated communications, notifications and reporting.

Can parents interact with the system?

Yes, parents can interact with the system through the Zunia app. They can notify the school of absences, view their child’s academic progress, and stay informed about important updates and communications from the school.

What benefits does Zunia offer for school administrators?

Zunia streamlines administrative tasks by automating admissions, enrolments, timetabling, and billing. Its unique billing and invoicing capabilities draw on Zunia Community Data model to handle complex family payment arrangements, making financial management easier and more efficient.

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