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Keep your students on track towards their academic goals with school academic reporting software.

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Zunia’s School Academic Report Software streamlines academic reporting, offering easy setup, management, and generation of comprehensive reports. Educators can provide personalised feedback, and the software seamlessly sends reports to student contacts, fostering strong school-family collaboration.

How does it work?

Schools can easily set up report templates, tailoring them to specific subjects or assessment criteria. Once set up, Zunia efficiently manages student data, automatically populating information such as attendance records and grades into the reports. When it’s time to evaluate student performance and learning progress, Zunia provides intuitive tools for educators to write detailed reports, including personalised feedback and insights.

Zunia lives at the heart of your school, acting as a single source of truth to manage your relational database. Once the reports are finalised, schools can easily send each student’s academic report in just a few clicks to their parents, carers and guardians via email or school app. This not only saves time for educators and ensures timely and consistent communication of each student’s progress.

What are the benefits of Zunia’s school academic report software for schools?

Monitor student performance

Monitor student performance

Zunia tracks student performance at multiple levels including: individual, class, school and subject and also specific learning areas within a subject. This level of granularity provides educators and parents with a detailed insight into a student's strengths and areas for improvement, enabling tailored support and timely interventions.

Customisable grading scales

Within the software, administrators and educators have the flexibility to input scores and grades using customisable grading scales. This feature allows for the accommodation of various assessment methods, aligning with the school's specific standards and ensures that school leaders have complete visibility of student achievements and school performance.

Customisable grading scales
Manage academic reporting with ease

Manage academic reporting with ease

Zunia enables school leaders and system administrators to oversee and manage the academic reporting period with their staff. Zunia offers customisable reporting templates, that are easily set up for ongoing use, creating consistency and efficiency across school operations. This level of oversight ensures that reports are completed on time and communicated effectively between the school and parents.

Parent engagement

One of the benefits of Zunia is its ability to enhance parent/guardian engagement during a student's educational journey through regular communication. This collaborative approach nurtures a deeper understanding of each student's development and fosters a supportive educational environment.

Parent engagement
Student engagement

Student engagement

With ongoing feedback cycles within Zunia, students are given the opportunity to reflect on upcoming assignments, provide comments on their expectations of how they will perform and comment on their results/attainment. Through regular contact with their teachers, students feel engaged and supported throughout their academic and wellbeing journey, strengthening teacher-student relationships.

Learning areas and assessment criteria

Zunia empowers educators to tailor the reporting experience by allowing them to define precise learning areas and assessment criteria for each subject. This comprehensive approach ensures that academic reports reflect not only overall progress but also specific competencies across various skill sets and knowledge areas, offering a holistic view of a student's performance.

Learning areas and assessment criteria
Efficient grade entry

Efficient grade entry

Zunia enhances how schools record student grades through an easy to use intuitive interface that facilitates swift and error-free entry of student marks. This efficiently saves educators time and also improves the accuracy of assessment results recording, contributing to the integrity of academic reporting.

Teacher summaries

Within the software, teachers are empowered to provide insightful summaries for each subject a student studies. These summaries delve into the student's performance, progress, strengths, and areas for improvement, offering a valuable narrative that complements the quantitative data presented in the academic reports.

Teacher summaries
Reliable IT support

Reliable IT support

Zunia offers technical support when you need it most. The dedicated IT support team is ready to assist users with any enquiries or challenges they might encounter whilst generating academic reports, compliance reports or general enquiries. Schools are supported by a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to help guide you in harnessing specific features, troubleshooting issues, or maximising the software's potential.

Incorporating these features, the School Academic Report Software serves as a comprehensive tool to manage, create, and distribute academic reports while promoting effective communication and collaboration within the school ecosystem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a tool that helps educators analyse and report on student performance data from assessments, grades, and other metrics in order to easily generate end of semester reports for parents.

Yes. Zunia allows teachers and admins to select specific data points, apply filters, and customise report layouts to meet the needs of their unique school community.

Zunia handles data from different assessment types by normalising data across from formative and summative assessments, benchmarks, standardised tests, and a range of other sources.

Absolutely. Zunia’s powerful filtering lets administrators analyse performance broken out by class, year, demographics, programs, schools, etc.

Yes. Zunia enables teachers to include narrative feedback alongside data visualisations.

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Get visibility across a wealth of information related to your students, staff and school community, to make better-informed decisions on how to support, nurture and engage them. 

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Easily manage school operations and complex family relationships, school fees and charges, along with individual communication and billing preferences for each parent or caregiver. 

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Get real-time insights into student progress, attendance, and wellbeing, and communicate with students, parents, and other staff members across the school using one platform. 

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Set up Zunia to reflect your school’s unique structure without the cost of on-premise infrastructure & maintenance. With Zunia you can, integrate maintain the highest security standards, and eliminate disruption for your users. 

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