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Secure your school data with Zunia's “secure by design” granular role-based permissions.

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Zunia defines school data security providing cutting-edge “security by design” in a leading school software solution. With granular, centrally managed permission groups and customisability, Zunia allows educational institutions to finely tune access and control, ensuring only that the right individuals have access to critical student information.

How does it work?

Zunia’s school software permissions operates seamlessly by employing a two-fold approach to permission management.


First, it utilises managed permission groups, which categorise users into specific roles or categories, each with predefined access levels. This ensures that individuals, whether they are teachers, students or administrators, are automatically granted appropriate permissions without the need for manual adjustments.


Second, Zunia’s custom permissions feature allows for school leaders and administrators to fine-tune access rights down to the minutest detail. This means that schools can effortlessly adapt the software to their specific requirements, ensuring that every user has precisely the permissions needed for their role.

What are the benefits of school software with permissions?

Effortless permissions management

Effortless permissions management

Zunia’s cchool software permissions feature makes it easy to apply access rights to users based on their roles. Administrators can assign permissions swiftly and accurately, reducing the risk of data breaches or misuse and complying with your school data & privacy policies As the school's needs evolve, permissions can be easily adjusted to accommodate changes. This adaptability ensures that the software continues to meet the school's evolving requirements.

Customisable access control

Schools have the flexibility to tailor permissions precisely to the needs of their users. Whether it's teachers, students, or staff members, each group can have permissions customised to their specific requirements, ensuring a seamless and productive experience. Schools can precisely define who can access specific data and what actions they can perform, like viewing or updating. This fine-grained control adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected while allowing for flexibility in tailoring access to the needs of the school.

Customisable access control
Enhanced security

Enhanced security

Custom permissions allow your school to bolster security measures by restricting access to sensitive data and features. This ensures that confidential information remains safeguarded and only accessible to authorised personnel, giving you peace of mind that your data is protected.

Streamlined operations

By aligning permissions with user roles, Zunia helps streamline daily operations. Teachers can access teaching materials, while administrators manage administrative tasks without unnecessary complications, optimising overall efficiency.

Streamlined operations
Compliance and data protection

Compliance and data protection

Customised permissions help schools adhere to data protection regulations and compliance standards. This ensures that the school remains in accordance with legal requirements. Permissions can be assigned to a wide range of roles, including teachers, students, parents, administrators, and specialised staff members like finance administrators.

Access on any device

Zunia is designed to be used on any device, anywhere, any time. Whether you're using computers, tablets, or smartphones, the software's adaptability ensures a seamless experience across all platforms. This flexibility empowers staff to efficiently utilise Zunia from any location, be it the office, while on the move, or within the comforts of their homes.

Access on any device
Support you can rely on

Support you can rely on

Zunia offers ongoing comprehensive technical support. The experienced IT support team is ready to assist your team with any enquiries or challenges they might encounter while navigating the system. Schools are assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to help guide you in harnessing specific features, troubleshooting issues, or maximising Zunia’s potential.

Zunia’s permissions features are designed to ensure that each member of your school team has access to only the information they need for their role, thanks to its granular role-based permissions system. With this customisable approach, schools can confidently finely tune access levels, granting or restricting permissions with precision. This not only enhances data security but also simplifies permission management and facilitates compliance with data protection regulations. Schools can adapt access rights at any time to meet evolving needs, ensuring seamless operations and peace of mind regarding data security.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are permissions in school software?

Permissions control what data and functions different user roles can access within the system based on their responsibilities.

Why are granular permissions important?

Zunia’s granular role-based permissions protect student data privacy by limiting access to only those authorised, based on legitimate need.

What are common user roles requiring different permissions?

Teachers, school leaders, administrators, finance staff, counsellors, nurses, parents, students, and IT staff often have varying access levels of access permissions and requirements that Zunia can manage.

Can temporary permissions be granted when needed?

Yes, time-limited roles can provide supplemental short-term elevated access for temporary staff, substitutes, auditors, etc.

Can permissions be set for individual data fields?

Yes, Zunia provides field-level permissions that exist to hide or allow/restrict editing of specific sensitive data.

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