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In today’s digital age, the demand for student assessment and progress monitoring software for schools has significantly increased. Recognising this need, Zunia’s Marksbook offers creative versatile learning areas, easy recording of assessments, and adaptable custom grading scales. This comprehensive tool empowers educators to tailor assessments, track student progress efficiently, and provide fair evaluations, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

How does it work?

Teachers can effortlessly create specific learning areas for different subjects and craft tailor-made assessments that align with their curriculum goals. Zunia then enables the efficient recording of students’ assessment results, accompanied by personalised comments that offer valuable feedback on their performance. Providing a longitudinal view of student progress and insights into the students learning journey.

With a user-friendly interface, schools have the flexibility to create numeric grading scales, such as marks out of 50, traditional letter-grade systems like A, B, C based on score ranges, and even text-based scales like “Exceeds Expectations,” “Meets Expectations ,” and “Does not meet expectations,” with the unique option of incorporating emojis for an engaging touch. This innovative software not only simplifies assessment management but also promotes a more nuanced and student-centric approach to evaluating and improving their learning journey.

Educators are able to access real-time insights into students’ strengths and areas needing attention. Zunia’s intuitive tools such as Marksbook facilitate immediate feedback and it enables teachers to produce in-depth reports, reflecting individual and overall class performance. For leaders and administrators, this real time data can help schools to make data driven decisions as the analytics allow for informed curriculum adjustments and teaching strategy modifications.

What are the benefits of student assessment and performance monitoring software for schools?

Comprehensive performance monitoring

Comprehensive performance monitoring

The software enables continuous tracking of student performance through assessment results and cumulative scores across various learning areas and subjects. This comprehensive view offers educators insights into individual student strengths and areas for their improvement and growth.

Monitor student progress

With a longitudinal perspective, educators gain a deeper understanding of each student's learning journey. This historical data facilitates personalised teaching approaches and timely interventions to nurture continuous improvement.

Monitor student progress
Holistic marksbook

Holistic marksbook

Zunia presents a detailed grading scale and ranks information for every student across assessments, learning areas, and subjects. This transparency supports fair comparisons and informed decision-making for both teachers and school leaders.

Improved feedback cycle

Individual comments linked to grades provide valuable context for students around their performance. These comments give students feedback for their ongoing development and serve as a rich resource when generating academic reports, facilitating more meaningful communication with students and parents.

Improved feedback cycle
Numeric foundation for all scales

Numeric foundation for all scales

Every grading scale, including text-based and emoji-based, is rooted in numeric values. This numeric foundation enables accurate tracking of progress over time, ensuring a data-driven approach to evaluating student development.

Customisable grading scales

The software empowers schools to design grading scales that align with their unique educational philosophies. Whether using numeric, letter, text, or emoji-based scales, schools can tailor the assessment system to suit their specific needs.

Customisable grading scales
Customisable school assessments

Customisable school assessments

Whether it's essays, quizzes, or projects, educators can leverage the software's user-friendly tools to craft a diverse range of assessments. These assessments are thoughtfully aligned with their teaching approach and the precise learning objectives of each subject, promoting a more engaging and effective learning experience.

Efficient results recording

Zunia's intuitive interface streamlines the process of recording assessment results, enabling teachers to promptly and accurately capture student performance data. This efficiency not only saves valuable time but also facilitates timely feedback that is crucial for student progress and development.

Efficient results recording
Enhanced parent communication

Enhanced parent communication

Zunia enhances communication between educators and parents/guardians. It enables the sharing of assessment results, performance reports, and progress updates, allowing parents and guardians to stay informed about their child's academic journey and collaborate effectively with teachers to support their child's success.

Reliable IT support

Zunia provides comprehensive technical support to assist schools with the software's implementation, usage, and any troubleshooting needs. Our support team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth experience for educators, answering queries, addressing concerns, and helping schools maximise the benefits of the assessment and performance monitoring software. Schools are further supported by a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM).

Reliable IT support

The School Student Assessment and Performance Monitoring Software serves as a comprehensive tool to manage student performance, give timely feedback and gives leaders complete visibility of the schools overall performance.

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Get visibility across a wealth of information related to your students, staff and school community, to make better-informed decisions on how to support, nurture and engage them. 

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Easily manage school operations and complex family relationships, school fees and charges, along with individual communication and billing preferences for each parent or caregiver. 

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Get real-time insights into student progress, attendance, and wellbeing, and communicate with students, parents, and other staff members across the school using one platform. 

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Set up Zunia to reflect your school’s unique structure without the cost of on-premise infrastructure & maintenance. With Zunia you can, integrate maintain the highest security standards, and eliminate disruption for your users. 

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