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Streamline employee qualification checks with Zunia’s Staff Employment Management Software. With its intuitive interface and customisable options, Zunia makes it easy for HR professionals to verify candidates’ qualifications, certifications and credentials efficiently, reducing hiring risks and enhancing workforce reliability.

How does it work?

Zunia’s staff employment management software simplifies workforce management. It allows you to easily record essential staff details, including their role and FTE (Full-Time Equivalent), while providing a comprehensive view of their employment history. With Zunia, you can effortlessly access crucial information such as employment start and end dates.


Moreover, the system lets you meticulously record staff qualifications, from police checks to Working With Children clearance and teacher registration. It even goes beyond, allowing you to capture requirements specific to your school ensuring staff are qualified and aligned with your unique organisational needs.

What are the benefits of Zunia’s school staff employment management software?

Comprehensive record keeping

Comprehensive record keeping

Zunia ensures schools maintain detailed and compliant records of both current and past staff members, facilitating transparency and accountability in the organisation. Drawing on Zunia’s complex family mapping data model, individual staff records can also include other roles they perform in the school community such as parent, relative and past student - all with their single user ID for life.

Qualification management

With Zunia’s rich community data model, recording and managing staff member qualifications becomes a seamless process. The software provides a structured platform for meticulously documenting the qualifications of each staff member, ensuring that schools have an up-to-date and easily accessible record of their educational and professional credentials. Schools can effortlessly verify that staff members possess the necessary qualifications to excel in their roles, promoting competence and enhancing educational standards.

Qualification management


Schools can easily track and validate essential checks, including police clearances, Working With Children checks, and teacher registration credentials. This functionality helps schools remain fully compliant with legal and safety requirements while ensuring that staff members maintain the necessary qualifications and certifications to perform their roles effectively. By centralising these checks within the software, Zunia simplifies the administrative burden associated with monitoring and verifying these critical aspects of staff employment.

Wellbeing support

Zunia equips schools with the essential information needed to proactively support the wellbeing of staff members. By having a comprehensive overview of staff data, schools can address individual needs more effectively, promoting a healthy and positive work environment.

Wellbeing support


Zunia's Staff Employment Software offers a robust set of features to streamline employment-related tasks. It enables schools and organisations to effortlessly record essential staff member details, including their roles and Full-Time Equivalent (FTE), ensuring clarity and accuracy in workforce management. It provides a comprehensive view of a staff member's employment history, allowing for easy tracking of their professional journey within the school. The software also enables the quick retrieval of critical information such as staff employment start and end dates, making it a valuable tool for HR professionals and administrators seeking to manage staffing logistics efficiently.

Individual requirements

Recognising the diverse needs of schools and their staff, Zunia goes a step further by allowing the capture of specific requirements related to staff members. This feature empowers schools to consider unique organisational prerequisites and tailor staffing decisions accordingly.

Individual requirements
One user ID for life

One user ID for life

Zunia’s core data architecture means every single member of your school community has one central record and user ID for life - within built relationship mapping to capture their connections to students, staff and parents within your school community. This means staff data is easily captured, accessed and managed within Zunia - without creating the additional complexity of multiple core records for each role a staff member performs.

User-friendly and easy to use

Zunia is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It offers an intuitive interface and can be implemented smoothly into your existing HR infrastructure. Training and support resources are also available to help your team make the most of the software.

User-friendly and easy to use
Trusted support

Trusted support

Zunia offers ongoing comprehensive technical support. The dedicated IT support team is ready to assist users with any enquiries or challenges they might encounter while navigating the system. Schools are assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to help guide you in harnessing specific features, troubleshooting issues, or maximising the software's potential.

Zunia’s Staff Employment Management Software offers a seamless solution to optimise staff employment procedures, streamlining qualification checks and enhancing workforce reliability. With Zunia, HR professionals can effortlessly record essential staff details, track qualifications and validate crucial checks, ensuring compliance and promoting a healthy work environment. The system’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive support make it a trusted tool for efficient employment management.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is staff employment management software?

It’s a system that streamlines processes like hiring, onboarding, contracts, credentials, evaluations and other employment tracking for school staff.

Can this software track employee certifications and credentials?

Yes. Zunia stores certification data and sends automated reminders for renewals to remain compliant.

How does it handle employee evaluations and observations?

Zunia provides functionality to schedule evaluations, use customisable templates/rubrics, attach evidence, and record results.

Can employee records and documents be stored centrally?

Zunia provides a secure document repository with version control for storing documents such as contracts, performance files, and more.

How does it manage employee time and attendance?

Zunia helps manage employee time and attendance with features such as scheduling, absence management and leave request approval workflows.

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Get real-time insights into student progress, attendance, and wellbeing, and communicate with students, parents, and other staff members across the school using one platform. 

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Set up Zunia to reflect your school’s unique structure without the cost of on-premise infrastructure & maintenance. With Zunia you can, integrate maintain the highest security standards, and eliminate disruption for your users. 

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