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Zunia’s Student Profile Records feature is a comprehensive system that allows educational institutions to digitally manage and organise student-related information, including personal details, academic performance, attendance history, and extracurricular involvement. By centralising this data, it facilitates efficient tracking of student progress and enables data-driven insights for educators to make informed decisions.

How does it work?

The Zunia Student Profile Records feature offers a comprehensive solution for managing student information throughout their academic journey. It facilitates the recording of prospective student and interview details, captures both student and family information, and ensures smooth transitions between school years.


This tool efficiently manages student contacts, emergency information, household details, medical and legal alerts, as well as necessary disability adjustments and specific requirements. By centralising all these aspects, educational institutions can make informed decisions, provide personalised support, and maintain a holistic view of each student’s progress.

What are the benefits of Zunia’s student profile records feature?

Streamlined application and enrolment

Streamlined application and enrolment

Zunia seamlessly manages the entire student lifecycle, from initial admissions to eventual transitions. It efficiently captures prospective student details, streamlines enrolment processes and ensures smooth progression through various academic stages. By enabling schools to process prospective student applications and enrolments efficiently, the feature simplifies administrative tasks and ensures a smooth transition for incoming students.

Enhanced communication and safety

With detailed insights into a student’s family relationships, schools are better equipped to contact the right individuals in emergency situations, ensuring swift and appropriate responses.

Enhanced communication and safety
Immediate access to critical information

Immediate access to critical information

Given the right permissions Sstaff members are granted constant visibility into student medical conditions and any existing legal agreements pertaining to student care. This immediate access ensures that educators are always aware of any specific needs or considerations a student might require.

Fulfilment of duty of care

The feature ensures schools have all the information they need to meet their duty of care obligations. Armed with comprehensive student profiles, schools can make informed decisions and take proactive measures to ensure the well-being and safety of every student.

Fulfilment of duty of care
One user ID for life

One user ID for life

Zunia’s core data architecture means every single member of your school community has one central record and user ID for life - within built relationship mapping to capture their connections to students, staff and parents within your school community. This means student data is easily captured, accessed and managed within Zunia - without creating the additional complexity of multiple core records for each stage of their academic journey.

Detailed relationship mapping

Zunia offers an intricate understanding of student-family relationships. It provides insight into parents, guardians, and emergency contacts, enabling prompt and accurate communication in critical situations, ensuring a swift and appropriate response.

Detailed relationship mapping
Student alerts and health information

Student alerts and health information

With Zunia, schools maintain constant awareness of student medical conditions and alerts. Whether it's allergies, chronic illnesses, or specific health requirements, educators have real-time access to vital health information, enabling them to provide necessary care and assistance. Medical incidents are easily recorded against a student profile and can be communicated with their family via in system email and SMS.

Requirements and adjustments tracking

Zunia allows schools to capture and track various student requirements and adjustments. These can range from specific learning needs to cultural considerations, ensuring that educators are equipped to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment for every student.

Requirements and adjustments tracking
Real time support

Real time support

Zunia offers ongoing comprehensive technical support. The experienced IT support team is ready to assist your team with any enquiries or challenges they might encounter while navigating the system. Schools are assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to help guide you in harnessing specific features, troubleshooting issues, or maximising Zunia’s potential.

By incorporating these features, the Student Profile Records system serves as a robust and versatile tool that empowers educational institutions to holistically manage students’ journeys, establish effective communication networks, respond adeptly to emergencies, and provide tailored support to meet diverse educational and individual needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is student profile records software?

It’s a system for securely storing and managing comprehensive records related to a student’s academic profile and history.

What types of data does this software typically contain?

Zunia’s common records include enrollment, demographics, contacts, grades, transcripts, attendance, assessments, health, discipline, family information and any required special services.

How does this software ensure proper data privacy and security?

Zunia uses features like access controls, audit trails, data encryption, and compliance with regulations to protect sensitive student information. Zunia is hosted securely in the cloud with AWS.

Can different user roles and permissions be defined?

Yes. Zunia allows setting granular permissions on what data various staff members and guardians have access to view or edit.

How does this software assist with records transfers and transitions?

Zunia provides automated workflows for managing processes like releasing records securely to other schools or districts.

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