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Zunia’s Student Wellbeing Tracking, Monitoring & Management Software provides a holistic approach to student wellness. It enables the tracking of wellbeing observations, managing incidents, and quantifying wellbeing observation points. Zunia student information system This comprehensive solution empowers schools to proactively address student wellbeing, fostering a supportive and safe environment for all.

How does it work?

Teachers and staff can easily log positive, neutral, and negative wellbeing observations, covering achievements, behaviour, bullying, and more. This categorisation helps teachers to monitor student welfare on an individual and class level. Notably, the software enables the flagging of wellbeing incidents for swift intervention, ensuring timely support for students in need.

The system also incorporates a points system that aligns with each wellbeing observation, offering a quantifiable approach to track wellbeing trends over time. Zunia’s software streamlines the process of nurturing student development by providing a structured platform for recognising, addressing, and enhancing their overall wellbeing within the school environment.

What are the benefits of student wellbeing tracking and monitoring software for schools?

Zunia stands out as a next generation software solution that monitors and manages student wellbeing. This easy to use tool not only tracks students’ mental health but also provides real-time insights into their engagement or disengagement levels by monitoring behavioural classroom participation. Such data empowers educators to detect potential issues early, so they can offering student support when necessary.

Enhanced wellbeing management

Enhanced wellbeing management

Schools gain access to valuable information that enables effective wellbeing management, directly influencing student engagement and performance within the educational environment. This comprehensive insight empowers educators to tailor their approach to individual student needs, fostering an environment conducive to both academic and personal growth.

Early identification of at-risk students

Zunia’s wellbeing records help schools identify at-risk students so teachers can offer tailored support and timely interventions., allowing timely interventions. This proactive approach ensures that students facing challenges receive the necessary assistance before issues escalate, promoting a culture of proactive care and support.

Early identification of at-risk students
Holistic wellbeing insights

Holistic wellbeing insights

Wellbeing records can be cross-referenced, providing a comprehensive overview of student welfare trends. This holistic perspective aids in understanding the broader context of student wellbeing issues. By recognising patterns and correlations in student behaviour and emotions, schools can implement strategies that address underlying causes rather than just symptoms.

Manage wellbeing incidents

Zunia assists schools to identify and flag specific wellbeing incidents that require follow-up actions. This ensures that the appropriate personnel, such as wellbeing officers or head of house, can intervene promptly to address student concerns. This efficient process resolves issues more effectively and fosters a sense of security and trust amongst students and their support networks.

Manage wellbeing incidents
Parent engagement

Parent engagement

Schools can document whether parents need to be involved in the follow-up process based on the nature of the incident. This feature ensures transparent communication and collaboration between schools and parents for student wellbeing. By involving parents appropriately, schools create a united front for student support, encouraging a cooperative approach that benefits the student’s overall development and welfare.

Wellbeing observation points

A distinctive aspect of the software is its integration of wellbeing observation points. This innovative feature enables schools to quantify and track student wellness trends over time. By assigning points to different wellbeing observations, educational institutions can analyse data to identify patterns and changes in student wellbeing. This can be done on any device such as a mobile or Ipad for quick and efficient capture and action. A data-driven approach provides insights into the overall wellness of the student body, aiding in the creation of targeted strategies and interventions.

Wellbeing observation points
Customisable wellbeing categories

Customisable wellbeing categories

Zunia’s software is designed with flexibility in mind. Schools can customise the software to align with their unique requirements and wellbeing initiatives. This adaptability ensures that the software seamlessly integrates into the existing processes and practices of each school. Customisation options encompass various aspects, including categorisation of wellbeing observations, incident types, communication templates, and more. This tailored approach empowers schools to make the software an integral part of their student wellbeing strategy.

Incorporating these features, the Student Wellbeing Tracking, Monitoring & Management Software empowers schools to proactively support and nurture student development. By facilitating the recording, analysis, and management of well-being observations, incidents, and observation points, the software contributes to a safer, more inclusive, and emotionally supportive educational environment for all students and assists in building a strong wellbeing culture in schools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a system that consolidates data on factors affecting student physical, mental/emotional, and overall wellbeing for tracking and intervention.

Typical areas of wellbeing data that can be entered into Zunia include attendance, behaviour incidents, nurse visits, counselling notes, social/emotional screening results, individual student plans and family outreach records.

Zunia can inform student support processes by flagging concerns, assigning case managers, building support plans, logging actions taken and monitoring progress.

Zunia allows for securely sharing wellbeing data with relevant staff, initiating referrals and following up on action items.

Zunia’s reporting and analytic capabilities can help with identifying at-risk students, analysing root causes, comparing across demographics, forecasting trajectories, and tracking interventions over time.

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Easily manage school operations and complex family relationships, school fees and charges, along with individual communication and billing preferences for each parent or caregiver. 

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Get real-time insights into student progress, attendance, and wellbeing, and communicate with students, parents, and other staff members across the school using one platform. 

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Set up Zunia to reflect your school’s unique structure without the cost of on-premise infrastructure & maintenance. With Zunia you can, integrate maintain the highest security standards, and eliminate disruption for your users. 

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