Synergetic from Education Horizons is the most data rich school management system in Australia and can give your school the power of data insights to inform and improve the decision-making process.

You will go from just having data to having powerful insights with Microsoft Power BI – a fully integrated business intelligence tool for your Synergetic software. The Synergetic Power BI integration offers an extensive range of visual, interactive dashboards that show vital information in an easily digested format.

Synergetic Dashboards by Power BI Gallery

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Create a data culture

Analytics for schools are becoming increasingly popular with school information management systems and the educators using them because you create a ‘data culture’ that moves into an era where you allow your data analytics to inform your decisions. Power BI connects to your existing Synergetic system and will enable you to interact with reports, filter and drill down on the information in real-time, look for trends, gain insight and use the data your system collects in a meaningful way.

Interactive dashboards for data visualisation

Synergetic now has 21 interactive pre-built school metrics dashboards featuring the most relevant and valuable reports, and our team is constantly adding more. Current dashboards include:

  • Current student
  • School learning areas
  • Student absence
  • Future student
  • School enquiry
  • Human resources
  • Pledge (fundraising)
  • External test results (e.g. NAPLAN)
  • Debtor management
  • Financial reporting (past, present and future projections)
  • Budget analysis
  • Student academic reporting
  • Class academic reporting
  • Student profile (including pastoral care notes)
  • Staff profile (including professional development)
  • Staff human resources alerts for expiring records
  • Student medical information
  • Medical incidents
  • Recent attendance for last 100 school days
  • Purchase order lifecycle
  • Parent teacher interview timetable

Schools can even create custom dashboards if their IT departments have the capability to build Power BI dashboards. If the data exists, you can surface it in Power BI dashboards.

Analyse your way to a better future

By adding Power BI to your Synergetic account, you will be able to access powerful dashboards and filter the information you’re viewing to compare better the data you need; the system is set to synchronise your data so it’s up to date all the time and our team can provide ongoing support for existing dashboards and reports.

Talk to our expert team of software consultants to book a live interactive demonstration to see what Power BI can do for your school. Call +61 1800 498 642 or email