Do you know who is on your school campus at all times? With Synergetic‘s Attendance App, you can quickly sign in and out students, staff and visitors at the touch of a button.

The Synergetic Attendance App is a cloud-based solution included with every Synergetic school management pack and is free to download from the App store. It features an elegant and intuitive interface to deliver an excellent experience for students, parents, and visitors.

With the Synergetic Attendance Kiosk from Education Horizons, your staff and students can perform various attendance-related activities that sync back to your main Synergetic account. Automatically record, resolve and reconcile student attendance in Synergetic using your existing attendance configuration.

synergetic school app screens

How the Synergetic Attendance App works

Download the Synergetic Attendance Kiosk to your school iPads, log in with your Synergetic account credentials and place your iPads in convenient locations around the school.

Capabilities of the Synergetic Attendance Kiosk

Student card scan and lookup​

Students can independently sign in and out of school by scanning their student ID, or by searching for themselves in the system if they forget their ID card.​

Print slips using the Epson TMT88Vi-581

Connect the Synergetic Attendance Kiosk to an Epson TMT-88Vi-581 printer with Bluetooth to print student and visitor sign-in / sign-out slips.​

Attendance reconciliation​

Automatically record late arrival and early departure absence events and resolve unexplained absences direct from the app. API integration with Synergetic ensures reconciliation works for your school’s attendance configuration and feeds attendance information into Synergetic for reporting.​

Repurpose and redeploy attendance kiosks around campus​

Supervise students’ movements by capturing attendance at co-curricular or extra-curricular activities and unscheduled lessons.​

Simple app-based implementation​

You can independently set up as many Attendance Kiosk iPads as your school needs and locate them where they are convenient for you. The app syncs and reconciles with Synergetic.

Key features of our school attendance app

  • Easily register and sign out participants’ presence at school events
  • Independent student sign-in and out
  • Print student and visitor sign-in and sign-out slips (when connected to a printer)
  • Automatically record late arrival and early departure absences
  • Resolve unexplained absences via API integration
  • Capture student movement and attendance at co-curricular activities and unscheduled lessons
  • Ability to set up multiple kiosks


Hardware – iPad 12.9in screen or higher

Synergetic version –  Synergetic 70.13 or more recent

Configuration –  via Synergetic Attendance module set-up and Core API

Additional set-up –  self-service (when Attendance in place)

Access –  via the Apple App Store

Compatible printer – Epson TMT88Vi-581 with Bluetooth

synergetic attendance kiosk screens