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Streamline your enrollment process, manage applications effortlessly, track admissions progress and communicate seamlessly with Engage school admissions software.

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Engage school management information system (SMIS) is your all-in-one solution for simplifying the admissions process, providing schools with the tools to effortlessly manage applications, track progress and communicate effectively with prospective students and their families. With Engage, the best software for school admissions, you can ensure a smooth and organised enrollment for both applicants and administrators.

How does it work?

Engage school management information system (MIS) simplifies the enrollment process with a user-friendly platform. Easily manage inquiries, create an automated waiting list and customise your admissions process. Send standardised letters and emails swiftly. Efficiently plan meetings and open days to connect with prospective families. The software also enables easy reporting, offering valuable insights into metrics like the number of inquiries and the percentage that successfully enrolled, empowering your institution to be able to make data-driven decisions.

What are the benefits of Engage school admissions software?

Effortless enrollment management

Engage school admissions software simplifies the intricate task of managing inquiries and prospective pupils, providing administrators with a central hub for efficient oversight and navigation throughout the enrollment journey. Schools can easily integrate the Engage web admissions into their existing school website for an easier online application process.

Customisable admissions process

Tailoring the admissions process to fit the specific needs and characteristics of your school is made easy with Engage. Administrators can customise workflows directly within the system, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to suit the needs of your school.

Effective communication

Engage facilitates rapid and consistent communication with prospective parents through standardised letters and email templates that can be customised to your school requirements, ensuring prompt and professional interactions throughout the admissions process.

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Event planning made easy

Simplify event management by centralising scheduling and coordination within Engage. Plan and coordinate meetings, open days and other events effortlessly within Engage’s intuitive interface, enhancing outreach efforts and engagement with prospective families.

Data-driven reporting

Engage’s robust reporting capabilities provide valuable insights, allowing administrators to make informed decisions and continually refine admissions processes based on real-time data.

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Centralised pupil management platform

Streamline the organisation and oversight of student data with Engage’s comprehensive pupil management platform, ensuring a unified system for a seamless academic experience.

Automated waiting list

Revolutionise the admissions process with Engage’s automated waiting list feature, introducing a points-based system for efficient and fair application processing.

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IT support available

Engage from Education Horizons ensures that IT support is readily available, providing assistance and troubleshooting to ensure smooth operation and utilisation of the platform. Customers also benefit from a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) that is assigned to their school to assist with managing the account and offer help in maximising the features of the system.

Engage’s school admissions software offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline and optimise the admissions process for educational institutions, including:


  • Effortless enrollment management
  • Customisable workflows
  • Swift communication
  • Data-driven reporting

With centralised pupil management, automated waiting lists, standardised communications and event planning tools, Engage enhances outreach efforts and ensures a seamless experience for prospective families.

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