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Effortlessly organise and communicate with students, parents and staff, streamline tasks, track interactions and boost collaboration with Engage.

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With Engage’s crm software designed for school contact management, you can effortlessly organise and communicate with students, parents and staff, streamline administrative tasks and foster collaboration within your school. This powerful school management system (SMS) empowers you to efficiently track interactions, ensuring a seamless and productive experience for both educators and students.

Say goodbye to ineffective contact management and embrace a more streamlined, collaborative and effective approach with the Engage school management information system (SMIS).

How does it work?

Engage school-focused management system allows you to store an unlimited number of contacts for each pupil, enabling a comprehensive overview of student connections. With the capability to define contact priorities, relationships and preferences, the school management information system (SMIS) ensures a personalised and tailored approach to communication. Whether reaching out to individuals or groups, Engage crm software designed for school contact management simplifies the process, facilitating seamless communication with just a few clicks.


Engage school management system (SMS) extends beyond student-centric contacts, allowing you to store organisation contacts such as other schools, doctors, suppliers and more. This versatility ensures that all relevant connections are centralised and easily accessible, providing educational institutions with a robust tool for efficient and organised contact management.

What are the benefits of Engage school contact management system for schools?

Comprehensive contact storage

Engage MIS designed for school management offers the capability to store an unlimited number of contacts against each pupil. This feature offers a holistic view of student connections and support networks. By facilitating the storage of diverse contacts, Engage ensures that administrators and educators have quick access to the information they need for effective communication and decision-making. Engage empowers schools to create a student-centric approach, where the individuality of each student is celebrated, understood and nurtured within the educational ecosystem.

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Versatile contact types

Engage caters to the diverse communication needs of K-12 schools by accommodating various contact types. This versatility streamlines communication with external entities, promoting seamless collaboration and efficient information exchange.

Personalised communication

Engage empowers users with the ability to personalise communication by allowing them to define contact priorities, relationships and preferences within the system. This functionality enables tailored and targeted communication strategies, ensuring that messages resonate with the individual needs of complex family structures.

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Efficient organisation

Engage school management system serves as a catalyst for efficient organisation by centralising student and staff contacts. The result is a more efficient workflow, where administrators and educators can quickly retrieve relevant contact information, contributing to smoother operations within the school.

Enhanced collaboration

Fostering collaboration within schools, Engage provides a robust platform that facilitates communication and interaction among pupilss, staff, parents and external contacts. By promoting a collaborative environment, the school management system contributes to a more connected and engaged schooll community.

User-friendly interface

Engage boasts a user-friendly interface designed for accessibility and ease of navigation. This ensures that users, including administrators, teachers, school leaders and relevant school staff, can quickly and intuitively utilise the school management system’s features without the need for extensive training. This makes Engage SMS an approachable and practical tool for effective contact management within private and independent schools.

Contact priorities, relationships and preferences

Engage allows users to effortlessly send messages to any amount of contacts at a time. This user-friendly feature eliminates unnecessary complexities and bottlenecks. Whether it’s conveying important information to a specific group or reaching out to individuals, Engage ensures that the communication process is not only smooth and quick but also easily adaptable to the dynamic requirements of school communication.

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Easy communication

Educators using Engage can easily access and review Marksheets and reports from previous terms. This feature facilitates comprehensive progress tracking, enabling educators to understand students’ academic journeys over time and make informed decisions based on historical performance data.

Organisation contacts

Engage accommodates organisation contacts. This includes other schools, doctors, suppliers and more. Whether coordinating with other educational institutions, healthcare providers, or suppliers, the school management system acts as a central hub for managing diverse organisational contacts, contributing to a more connected and collaborative educational environment. This not only aids in day-to-day operations but also contributes to strategic decision-making by providing valuable insights into the broader network of contacts associated with the school.

Support when you need it

Engage offers worldwide expert technical support. The dedicated IT support team is ready to assist users with any enquiries or challenges they might encounter while navigating the system. Schools are assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to help guide you in harnessing specific features, troubleshooting issues, or maximising the software’s potential.

School contact management software contributes to the overall improvement of school-parent communication strategies and provides a centralised platform for information dissemination. This strategic approach enhances transparency, reduces communication gaps and strengthens the collaborative partnership between schools and parents. Benefit from improved communication, enhanced parental involvement, effective administrative processes and increased organisational efficiency in your school today!

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