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Engage school document management software (SDMS) is a dynamic document management system for schools. It simplifies organisation, promotes collaboration among educators, and guarantees efficient access to essential documents and materials.

How does it work?

Engage school management system (SMS) simplifies document organisation by allowing users to effortlessly categorise and attach documents and emails to specific individuals, including pupils, parents, and staff. The school document organisation software ensures efficiency by automatically saving emails, letters, and SMS messages to the respective parent records.


Academic reports, invoices, and receipts are also automatically stored against the relevant student and parent records, providing a centralised and easily accessible electronic document storage. Furthermore, the software offers a flexible approach to security and confidentiality, allowing users to manage permissions for each document category, ensuring controlled access and privacy across your administrative and school leadership teams.

What are the benefits of Engage school document management software for schools?

Efficient organisation

Engage revolutionises educational materials handling by providing systematic and efficient organisation. By categorising and structuring documents, it minimises clutter, making it easier for educators and administrators to locate and manage important resources. This enhanced organisation saves time and contributes to a more structured academic environment.

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Streamlined collaboration

Engage’s digital school data management system serves as a central hub for educators, administrators, and staff to share and edit documents collaboratively. Real-time collaboration features enhance teamwork, enabling stakeholders to collectively contribute to the educational process.

Time and resource savings

Automating mundane tasks such as saving emails and academic reports, Engage management information system (MIS) saves time for educators and staff. By reducing manual paperwork, professionals can redirect their efforts toward more impactful tasks, optimising resource allocation and increasing productivity.

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Enhanced accessibility

Engage SMIS ensures easy access to critical documents for authorised individuals, promoting transparency and quick retrieval of information. This accessibility improves decision-making processes and empowers stakeholders with prompt access to relevant data.

Improved communication with parents

The software strengthens communication with parents by automatically saving and categorising messages, fostering a more responsive interaction between schools and families. Engage features a user friendly parent portal and app for parents to receive up to date information about their child / children including academic reports, fees, activity bookings, school events and much more that all contribute to improving the school communication.

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Document security

With robust permission management features, Engage enhances document security and access control, ensuring confidentiality and access only to authorised personnel. Permissions can be set by your school IT team or by the Education Horizons onboarding team to ensure that users can access what is necessary for their job and nothing more.


Adapting to the evolving needs of educational institutions, Engage offers scalability, providing a flexible solution that aligns with dynamic environments. Engage Cloud hosted with AWS offers schools the ability to grow in a secure space without the need for on site servers.

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Automatic email and message saving

By capturing and storing emails and messages in real-time, this feature ensures comprehensive record-keeping accuracy, transparency, and accountability in communication between educational institutions and parents.

IT support available

Engage provides IT support, ensuring smooth operation and troubleshooting for users, further enhancing the overall experience and reliability of the software. Engage customers are also designated a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to assist with managing their account and offer help in maximising the features of the system.

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Engage’s school document management software offers a comprehensive solution for educational institutions, providing efficient organisation, streamlined collaboration, time and resource savings, enhanced accessibility, improved communication, document security, scalability, and a range of features tailored to meet the specific needs of educators and administrators.

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