Engage Teaching Student Behaviour

Daybook in our Engage school management system lies at the centre of daily school operations, providing a highly customisable central place to access and add notes and essential information relating to students. The Behaviour Tracking capabilities empower staff involved in the pastoral care of students to make informed decisions, ensuring a child-centric approach across the school.

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Everything in one place

The Engage Daybook offers an integrated place to record daily events such as a merit, detention or a visit to the health centre.

Incidents, permissions and a wealth of content relating to each student can be added and reviewed, including consent forms for parents, exeat forms with notifications to Bursary and Security, CAS logging, UCAS forms, House points, sports reports and parent-school feedback.

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Joined up approach to behaviour in schools

Student behaviour cannot be viewed in a vacuum in the real world. Hence, in Engage, the Behaviour functions link with various aspects of a student’s school life. Attendance explanatory notes can be added, along with the recording of achievements, disciplinary issues, medical notifications or incidents involving any other student. The school can link a student to an incident or action involving another student or students, allowing a 360° view of issues. This information is fully integrated into the Parent and Staff portals, and Engage Apps.

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Safeguarding controls

Incident notifications have control settings allowing only specified access. Teachers with authorised access can view a news ticker displaying incidents or actions logged during the day, and a search function enables authorised staff to identify incidents from any day involving any student.

A reporting screen in the Parent Portal ensures transparency in school-parent communication by displaying incidents involving their relevant child or children.

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Flexible school definable forms with many features

Daybook forms have a multitude of features allowing an author to create exactly what’s required for the task at hand, providing peace of mind and fulfilling compliance needs:

  • Fields can be mandatory, coloured and positioned in preferred positions
  • Forms can have their own security settings, with permissions and confidentiality defined by the author
  • Depending on permissions, students, staff or parents can raise forms, or the school can raise them on their behalf
  • Forms can have automated alerts notifying individuals or groups to flag actions required
  • Costs can be added to forms which automatically link to fee billing
  • The Engage Pay Now button can be embedded to request payment before the form workflow can be completed

Forms can be created and customised to handle a huge range of internal tasks within the school, making workflow fully integrated and entirely trackable

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School workflow management with Engage Forms

The extensive flexibility of Engage Forms allows schools to customise and automate forms easily, and to replace almost any paper-based form and its workflow, however complex.

Forms can be created which require counter signatures, authorisations or which have multiple stages, numerous pages and a huge variation of field types from text and ticks to costs, uploads, attachments or body maps and many more.

Once a form has completed its designated workflow, including any required follow up, it is automatically filed into Daybook, with any uploads and attachments stored in the Document Management System.

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