Technology for Student Outcomes

For 40 years Education Horizons has delivered learning, school administration, and property/asset management software to support better student outcomes. Today we work with over 2,000 schools and more than 1.5 million users across 68 countries.

Our high-performance Synergetic, SEQTA, Engage, and AssetWhere products are leaders in the market. They’re proven, reliable and rich in features that schools need – reflecting decades of partnerships to make students’ lives better.

We do this work because student outcomes shape our lives and our world – and the demands on educators are growing exponentially. Students, families, staff, governing bodies and the wider community expect more from educators every year. They are deeply invested and they need to know they are part of great learning environments. To meet this standard, educators navigate a world of complex data, reporting, compliance and organisational challenges – all while striving to create unique, life-changing learning experiences!

At Education Horizons we believe technology can bring each school community closer. It can help teachers and school leaders find their best impact each day and it can help shape amazing personal learning journeys for each student. We also know that new technologies can be difficult to learn, and they don’t always fit together easily – diverting valuable time, attention and resources.

Investing for the future

We continue to invest in our leading high-performance software – and in Zunia, our next-generation cloud-native core student information platform. With each step we are moving schools closer to a single source of truth that brings their community closer, helps each person find their best impact, and makes the right way the easy way.

Let’s talk about your vision for great student outcomes.

Reach out to learn more about our industry-leading high-performance products, or to find out when Zunia will be right for you.