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For decades the Middle East's leading International Schools have trusted Engage for their most important school management information needs.

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Our mission is to help independent and international schools in the Middle East improve efficiency, communication and accountability with exceptional ed-tech solutions. With over 30 years of experience working closely with leading schools worldwide, we specialise in providing comprehensive school management systems (SMS) that are tailored to the unique needs of Middle Eastern schools.


Our advanced software streamlines school management by integrating student information systems (SIS) and learning management systems (LMS) into a single user friendly platform. This ensures that teachers can easily manage attendance, grades, academic progress and student wellbeing in one place.


We prioritise data security, utilising cutting edge AWS cloud technology to safeguard sensitive student information and comply for industry standards, providing you peace of mind in today’s digital age.


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School Operations

  • Pupil Data
  • Staff Data
  • Admissions
  • Parent Comms
  • Timetable
  • Parent’s Evenings

Teaching and Learning

  • Attendance
  • Curriculum Management
  • Marksbook
  • Performance Tracking
  • Assessments and Reporting
  • Exams


  • General / Sales Ledger
  • Fees and Billing
  • Direct Debit and Payments
  • Expense tracking
  • Full school budgeting
  • Financial reporting

Engage from Education Horizons is honoured to support the Middle East’s leading schools including:

Engage from Education Horizons is honoured to support the Middle East’s leading schools including:

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The British International School of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Discover British International School of Jeddah (BISJ) journey as they transform their school management and communication with Engage MIS. BISJ sought to streamline data processes and enhance parent engagement, leading to remarkable results in administrative efficiency and community involvement

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Engage School

Engage School is the heart of our educational management software, a comprehensive and efficient system that seamlessly connects all stakeholders in the school community. From Leaders to Teachers, Bursars to Administrators, Parents to Students, Engage School serves as a unified platform for managing every aspect of school life.


Designed with the specific needs of schools in mind, Engage School offers a wide range of features and functionalities that make it the best choice for any educational institution. With its robust data management capabilities, this software ensures that all student records are securely stored and easily accessible whenever needed. From attendance tracking to academic performance monitoring, Engage School provides teachers with valuable insights into their students’ progress.

  • Transform the way your school manages student recruitment
  • Organise documents, invoices and assessment reports
  • Track all communications with students, parents and staff
  • Access key information at individual, group and school level

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Engage Parent Portal

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Engage Teaching

Engage Teaching is committed to delivering an unparalleled level of support and resources to educators within independent, fee-paying, and international schools. Our mission is simple: to empower teachers and enable them to concentrate their efforts on what truly matters – fostering exceptional teaching and improving learning outcomes.

  • Integrated administrative tools
  • Comprehensive student tracking
  • Remote learning
  • All-in-one functionality with seamless integration

Discover the modules in Engage Teaching

Engage Application User Interface

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Engage Finance

With Engage Finance seamlessly integrated with Engage School and Engage Teaching, Bursars and Finance teams have every tool for smooth financial management at their fingertips.


With this software, you have access to a comprehensive platform that combines all aspects of financial management in one place. From budgeting and invoicing to expense tracking and reporting, this software covers it all. It’s designed specifically for educational institutions  making it the best solution for managing finances in the education sector.

  • Designed and developed specifically for independent and international schools
  • Effectively monitor spending
  • Brings your financial and academic management together
  • Comprehensive accounting, improved reporting and effective financial planning

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AWS Cloud Security and Education Horizons

Securely hosted in the cloud with AWS

Your school management information system data us safe and fully managed for you on world-class infrastructure with Engage cloud hosting

Engage is hosted entirely within Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure to ensure the very best levels of security and availability for your school data and management information services

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Streamline school payments with Stripe

Simplify your school’s payment processing with Stripe, the trusted online payment platform. Integrate Stripe seamlessly into your Engage school management system to offer a streamlined and secure payment experience for parents, students and administrators

Accept various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers, providing flexibility for families and ensuring prompt transactions. Whether it’s tuition fees, event tickets or fundraising donations, Stripe’s intuitive interface makes managing payments effortless

By harnessing the power of Stripe through Engage, schools can optimise their financial operations, reduce administrative burdens and enhance the overall payment experience for stakeholders. Embrace the future of secure school payments with Stripe and Engage!

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Engage Proud Members of BSME COBIS & AoBSO

Proud members of BSME, COBIS & AoBSO

Engage from Education Horizons proudly stands as a distinguished member of BSME, COBIS, and AoBSO. Our membership underscores our commitment to fostering excellence and innovation in educational technology within the Middle East. By partnering with these esteemed organisations, we assure educators of our dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower students and enrich learning environments around the world

Who we help

Engage MIS in the school community

Engage is a powerful and flexible platform delivering effective communication, control, reporting and insight across your school. An inclusive system, effortlessly linking admissions, academic and administrative departments, daily teaching, learning and activities operations, with seamless accounts management for staff, teachers and parents, and so much more. Learn about how Engage and other EdTech products from Education Horizons help the whole school community

Empower your teams with efficient school management and leave disconnected systems behind.

Our school management software is based on advanced technology that helps schools integrate with their existing system in place. It’s designed to be user-friendly, allowing school leaders teachers to make data driven decisions and have complete visibility of their school performance.

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Seamless, transparent school workflows and reporting help you manage all aspects of school operations, including student enrolment, finance and tracking in a few clicks. Say goodbye to juggling multiple software solutions and embrace the simplicity and efficiency of our integrated approach.

Our software simplifies school compliance reporting so you can focus on providing quality education.

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Use unique communication and workflow tools that facilitate online, blended, remote, and distance learning while connecting students, parents, teachers, coordinators and senior leaders.

From organising class schedules to uploading learning materials online – everything becomes effortless with our user-friendly interface.

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Fully-managed cloud hosting gives your team access wherever, whenever – supported by robust RESTful API and Wonde integration layers and on premise installation options where required.

We’re constantly innovating and staying involved in the industry’s latest developments, we ensure that our software remains reliable and up-to-date with ever-changing demands.

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