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Our all-in-one school management information system provides the very best tools and support for teachers in independent, fee-paying and international schools, enabling them to focus on their students

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Benefits & Features

Integrated administrative tools

Intuitive and integrated Timetabling and Curriculum Planning features allow teachers to manage their time and teaching more effectively. Streamlined communication between staff saves time and diminishes potential gaps, making daily operations smoother and easier. Integrated communication provides instant access to critical information anytime, anywhere. Essential for modern, busy school life.

Comprehensive student tracking

Engage Teaching includes Attendance register and monitoring, Behaviour Tracking within a highly customisable Daybook, Performance and Assessments Tracking, enabling teachers to access and benchmark student performance simply and quickly.

Remote learning

The Engage Student Portal allows you to teach anyone, anything, anywhere. We also offer the option within Education Horizons to integrate with the leading Learning Management System, SEQTA.

All-in-one functionality with seamless third party integration

Engage is very fully formed all within one software system, but it can also link smoothly with your school’s existing third-party providers.


Create, view and edit reports that are tailored for your school and fully integrated in your management system

No matter what shape or size your school, the assessment, tracking and reporting of your students’ achievements are crucial to their success. Engage Assessments gives teachers and school leaders everything they need to create meaningful, accurate and timely reports on all their students.

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Take school attendance on any device, pushed live to Engage with options within the school management system to trigger alerts and actions

Engage Attendance makes monitoring student attendance incredibly simple and enables schools to act swiftly if issues arise.

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Manage your academic programme and subjects according to the school’s specific needs

Engage Curriculum provides a core function for schools, allowing for the incredibly smooth management of the complex variables surrounding subjects, teachers, students and facilities.

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Join up the dots in your holistic care of each individual student, empowering actions necessary to encourage whole-child development

Daybook in our Engage school management system lies at the centre of daily school operations, providing a highly customisable central place to access and add notes and essential information relating to students. The Behaviour Tracking capabilities empower staff involved in the pastoral care of students to make informed decisions, ensuring a child-centric approach across the school.

Learn more about behaviour on Engage Daybook

Performance Tracking

View how individual students and cohorts are performing against targets using a wide range of user-defined school metrics

The accurate monitoring of student progress is essential to each and every child’s success. Engage Performance Tracking takes information from a variety of sources, including imported historical data and translates that into meaningful visuals, enabling early intervention to improve student outcomes.

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School Room Booking

The hunt to find a space at your school for a re-arranged class or ad-hoc meeting is over

Find a suitable space for ad hoc gatherings, important meetings or regular activities and remove many of the frustrations so commonplace in the use and management of school facilities.

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Ensure your school day is organised with this fully integrated timetable which features throughout Engage

Engage Timetable enables the effective time management of pupils, staff and room usage. We also offer integrations with leading third-party timetabling solutions.

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Student Portal

Extend learning management for pupils and students from the classroom to access anywhere, anytime

Today’s students expect their learning to be interactive, reflecting their busy school lives and with the opportunity to work effectively no matter where they are. The Engage Student Portal provides a managed learning environment, allowing and encouraging students to view essential information and interact remotely.

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Examinations with Exam Seat Planning

Save time, reduce errors and improve the quality of your school examinations management

Engage Examinations provides your school’s Examination Officer with comprehensive exam management tools, streamlining workflows and improving communication with staff, students and parents.

Examinations and Exam Seat Planning learn more
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From archery to zoology, plan manage and charge for your co-curricular ad-hoc and regular events, visits and clubs

A great education is so much more than what happens in your school’s classrooms. Engage Activities has been designed to enable schools to manage the broad range of extracurricular activities that enrich students’ school experiences.

Co-Curricular Activity Management

Staff App

Quick, secure access to essential school information on-site or on the move, regardless of location or time zone

The Engage App for Teachers and other staff enables you to view student reports, mark and view attendance, check medical information or incidents and access timetables, all with appropriate highly customisable permissions to manage access.

School Staff App for Engage read more
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Engage school management in the school community

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